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磯和 真里




Jan (ヤン)


Hello, everyone. Do you know that English is spoken in 94 countries by 1.5 billion people? You also can join this community of English speakers and experience the excitement as you learn practical conversation with native speakers. We will help you to realize your potential and broaden your horizon in an at-home atmosphere. Believe in yourself and you will be impressed by what you can achieve.

shiela HP

Shiela (シーラ)


Learning is fun! Learning a language is rewarding when you can see you're improving. I believe that with time and practice, it's possible for every student! The key to learning English well is to not give up. And I will work hard to ensure that each student is learning to his/her best ability. Let's learn, practice and have fun together!


Matama (マタマ)


By learning English, you can make friends around all over the world! Isn't that exciting? So, dream big, have your own vision, and imagine what you are going to do with people in the foreign countries! Learning English itself would not be your goal. Why don't we expect our global life in the future!


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